The e-Quality Framework

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The first edition of the magazine features valuable insights into the core framework of e-Quality, highlighting impactful stories of digital inclusivity and much more.


Transformation through
Digital Empowerment

A key enabler of Bangladesh’s remarkable socio-economic progress has been a relentless, comprehensive and aggressive focus on digital transformation of the government and society as a whole. Take a look at Bangladesh’s digital transformation expedition.

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The global report on addressing the digital divide presents a comprehensive analysis of the current state of digital equality & offers strategies to bridge the gap to ensure inclusive access to digital resources.

The Global Summit on
Zero Digital Divide

The Global e-Quality Summit aims to bring together leaders, experts, and stakeholders from around the world to tackle the pressing issue of digital inequality. This summit serves as a platform for intensive discussions, collaborative problem solving, and sharing of innovative ideas and best practices.

Jun 15, 2024



Measures to Foster Equitable
Digital Opportunities

Disability Innovation Lab

The Disability Innovation Lab (DIL) stands as a remarkable and successful initiative in Bangladesh. By harnessing the power of technology and innovation, the DIL aims to empower individuals with disabilities, fostering an inclusive society.

Gender Inclusion Lab

By fostering global collaborations, generating knowledge and advocating for policy changes, the lab intends to contribute to building a world where all genders can thrive and have equal opportunities to reach their full potential.