International ICT Innovation (i3) Fund

How does i3 Fund work?

Step 1:

  • Country Assessment
  • Digital Product Customization

Cost borne by Government of Bangladesh

Step 2:

  • Capacity Development
  • Process Simplification
  • Implementation & Monitoring

Cost borne by Country Government/Development Partner/Private Sector

The Government of Bangladesh, recognizing its potential as a knowledge and technical support exporter, aims to bridge the digital divide in less developed countries (LDCs) and developing nations. To achieve this, Bangladesh is leveraging its expertise in information and communication technology solutions, offering support to these countries facilitating citizen-centric public service delivery.

The International ICT Innovation (i3) Facility, funded by external sources, plays a crucial role in enabling Bangladesh to become a prominent knowledge exporter and a strong donor country by 2041. In 2023, the Government of Bangladesh took a significant step by establishing the International ICT Innovation (i3) Fund, which is hosted by the e-Quality Centre. The fund operates through a systematic approach. Initially, a country assessment is conducted, and digital product customization is carried out, with the costs covered by the Government of Bangladesh.

In the next step, the focus shifts to capacity development, process simplification, and implementation and monitoring. The expenses for this step is borne by the respective country's government, UNDP Country Office, development partners, or the private sector. By implementing this structured framework, Bangladesh aims to maximize the impact of the i3 Fund, ensuring efficient utilization of resources and effective collaboration with partner countries.

This strategic approach allows Bangladesh to share its ICT knowledge and expertise, empower other nations in their digital transformation efforts, and contribute to the global development agenda. The e-Quality Centre can also follow a similar model to ensure that the e-Quality index is calculated and implemented in the partner countries. So far, Bangladesh has helped countries such as Fiji, Philippines, Somalia, Turkey, Yemen, and Jordan.

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