The e-Quality Centre for Inclusive Innovation aims to foster global commitment in achieving digital inclusivity through technology transfer and innovation, policy implementation, research, and the facilitation of funding. The pivotal endeavor to mitigate the digital divide and enhance the digital realm's inclusiveness for every citizen necessitates resolute theoretical underpinnings coupled with pragmatic strategies. Through strategic partnerships with governments, industry leaders, academic institutions, development and civil society organizations, the e-Quality Centre intends to champion a collaborative approach to digital inclusivity. By fostering cross-sectoral dialogues and sharing global best practices, it accelerates the pace at which societies move towards a state of e-inclusion.


The journey towards achieving zero digital divide is not solely about technological advancement; it is a testament to our shared commitment to human dignity and equality in the digital landscape. The e-Quality Centre for Inclusive Innovation serves as a testament to the fact that the pursuit of digital inclusivity is not just an aspiration, but an imperative that will shape the future trajectory of our global society.


Proposed Launching
at a Side Event of the 78th Session of the
UN General Assembly