Gender Inclusion Lab

The inception of the Global Gender Inclusion Lab emerges as a transformative force, harmonizing efforts across borders to drive true equality and empowerment. The initiative is poised to reshape the narrative on gender inclusivity, catalyzing change on a global scale through the power of digitization. Central to the ethos of the Gender Inclusion Lab is the unwavering commitment to dismantling the multifaceted barriers that have perpetuated the digital gender gap. By uniting stakeholders across sectors and regions, the lab cultivates collaborative endeavors to pinpoint systemic bottlenecks and co-create pragmatic solutions. Fostering an environment that thrives on data-driven insights, understanding the nuances with cross-disciplinary conversations, and innovative experimentation, the lab seeks to amplify its impact beyond theoretical frameworks and rhetoric.

Major Projects and Initiatives


Sathi Network is a women-led agent network that aims to accelerate the financial inclusion of rural and marginalised women by promoting women’s entrepreneurship, enhancing women’s financial literacy and most importantly, providing access to financial services. The network, which currently comprises over 300 women agents, focuses on deepening the levels of financial engagement of unbanked and underserved marginalised women. All members of the network have received multiple capacity development training. The Sathi Network has partnered with financial service providers (banks and mobile financial services), acting as agents and offering financial services to marginalised women.






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Case Study:
333 Helps Prevent
Child Marriage

Asma Akhter, a 15-year-old girl from Syednagar village in Faridganj upazila, called helpline number 333. Officials from the upazilla administration promptly responded and foiled the marriage attempt. A mobile court fined Asma's father and obtained a written undertaking to prevent any further attempts to marry her off early. Police and local authorities were present during the intervention to ensure a successful outcome.