H.E Ousman Bah Shares Insight on Achieving Zero Digital Divide

Published on: 2023-11-27

The Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, The Gambia, Ousman Bah emphasises the importance of digitalization to benefit citizens, focusing on accessibility and affordability. Five pillars are outlined, including the need for a second submarine cable to reduce internet costs, collaboration with Starlink for rural connectivity, implementation of a digital ID, establishment of a national payment gateway, and the introduction of MyGov for efficient public services. He appreciates the role of private-public partnerships and mentions the country's collaboration with the UNDP for digital transformation. The conversation also touches on the launch of the Equality Center for Inclusive Innovation at the UN General Assembly, aiming to achieve zero digital divide globally. The minister commends Bangladesh's initiative and envisions a world where every citizen has access to resources, reducing dependency. The discussion explores the relevance of region-specific, bottom-up approaches in addressing global issues like the digital divide.